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“Hyperstimulation” is a series of anaglyph photographs that use overlapping imagery and bright, vivid color to create conversation by inducing the overwhelming feeling of anxiety. “Hyperstimulation” is a visual representation of a "stress response," which is the physiological action that the body takes in a fight or flight situation. Although stress responses take many forms, visual hyperstimulation usually manifests as ghosted images, shimmers, blurs, and can feel as if one is in a surreal and dreamlike state.

Hyperstimulation Winter 2018 Magnets

Hyperstimulation Winter 2018 Magnets

from 5.00

Exciting announcement - Magnets are back!

There are seven different kinds available for this season, pictured here.

Magnets run for $5 each, but there is a current deal for all seven different Winter 2018 versions for $30!

Magnets are 2x3” transfers on wood. No two magnets are the same due to their edges, a special feature of this type of small photo transfer!

Quantities are limited!

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