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“Hyperstimulation” is a series of anaglyph photographs that use overlapping imagery and bright, vivid color to create conversation by inducing the overwhelming feeling of anxiety. “Hyperstimulation” is a visual representation of a "stress response," which is the physiological action that the body takes in a fight or flight situation. Although stress responses take many forms, visual hyperstimulation usually manifests as ghosted images, shimmers, blurs, and can feel as if one is in a surreal and dreamlike state.

LIMITED - 0468 Hyperstimulation 11x14

LIMITED - 0468 Hyperstimulation 11x14


Limited Edition! Only four of the Hyperstimulation Series has been made at this size!

11x14" photo transfer on birch with gold leaf along the edges. Wired to hang. Photo transfers have small differences between each transfer - this is what makes them unique! 

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